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Personality Assessment

Take our state-of-the-art personality assessment, see your unique personality traits, and what type of careers you will excel in.


Gain an understanding of yourself with the most widely-used personality assessment in the world

Explore career paths or jobs based on how recruiters view your personality

Compare your results with friends and share qualities that stand out with employers

See where you stand out from the crowd

How it works...

Our Personality Assessment is based on the Five-Factor Model (aka Big Five) of personality in psychology. After taking our Personality Assessment, Josie will showcase your unique degrees of openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and stress tolerance. Our test takes about 10 minutes to complete and is the first step towards understanding yourself better and moving forward with your goals. By combining the Personality Assessment with the other tests in our Self-Assessment Suite, you’ll know with confidence which career paths you are most likely to succeed in based on science, not speculation.