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Josie is a first-of-its-kind career advisor that takes the guesswork and frustration out of making a career shift.

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Build your profile

Complete our collection of self-assessments and upload your skills and experience using our one-click LinkedIn sync (or manual input).

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Find the careers for you

Josie matches you with compatible career options based on your personality and skills.

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Reveal your fit for the role

Learn what skills are needed for a specific career and which of your current skills are most relevant and in demand.

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Land your dream job

Josie analyzes how recruiters would see you and gives you the tools to understand how to communicate your strengths, learn new skills, or walk you through a bigger life change with self-paced modules so you’re always making progress.

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Learn about yourself and start on the path towards a satisfying career life

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Get the full use of Josie and create confidence in your next career move

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Why our users love us...

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I’ve always had a lot of interests, which has made it hard for me to actually choose what I want to do in my career. Josie’s helped me figure out where I want to go long-term (mental health and social work) and what I can be doing now to get there (becoming a certified phlebotomy technician).
The assessments are the best and most in-depth I’ve taken, and the recommended careers fit me really well. I’m excited and ready to start applying for new roles!

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Stacey Villavicencio

Certified Phlebotomist

A really well-made website with an easy-to-use interface. It gave me a new perspective on my career goals and provided a lot of good feedback and insights for what I should look for. I had one issue where I had a gap between experiences but that was due to being in school. I will definitely continue to use it and recommend it to others.

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Saad Hasan

Finance Major

For a long time, I had the feeling that my career was at a dead-end, because I had no idea what qualities and skills I actually possess. Fortunately, Josie helped me find out by asking the right questions.

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Jessica Flinch

Area Sales Manager

I love that you offer this. It helps me decide on my next career step instead of deciding for me. I feel so empowered to take on my next challenge!

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Certified Nursing Assistant

Why Josie?

The smartest career advisor in the biz,
working for you at a fraction of the cost.

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Features included:

  • tick image One-time fee of 19 USD
  • tick image Tailored career data from over 4,000 different job titles at your fingertips
  • tick image Do it at your own pace and with accuracy

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Features not included:

  • red cross image $150-750 per hour
  • red cross image For you to find career data on your own
  • red cross image Based on the career coach's availability